In Niger, 14 Communities Depend on Defacing PHC Managed by One Staff

The dearth of medical staff and inadequate equipment frustrate healthcare services at a Primary Health Care Centre (PHC) in Cheku, a suburb of Lapai Local Government Area of Niger State.

WikkiTimes’ findings reveal that the community’s PHC is deteriorating with no attention from the authority.

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According to Umar Adamu, In-charge of the facility, the centre houses about 13 rooms with a single staff who catered for the healthcare needs of approximately 14 communities.

“In this PHC, we have only one permanent staff supported by volunteers in running our services. The people from Edo, Yelwa, Bina and others visited this facility on a daily basis,” Umar said. 

Other challenges faced in the facility, according to Umar, include water scarcity, inadequate bed spaces to admit patients and sitting materials. Also, atop the facility are worn-out ceilings from where birds peep into the wards.


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