Insecurity: Nigerian Police To Get Body Camera

The House of Representatives has demanded the installation of body cameras on police and other security operatives to monitor their operations in the fight against insecurity in Nigeria.

Human groups at local and international levels accused Nigerian security operatives of various human rights abuse allegations over their conduct in the Northeast and Northwestern parts of the country.

Hon Abubakar Yunus, a member of the house, said the move become necessary seeing how complaints of excessive use of force on the civilian population from the police increased in recent times.

"We want to ensure efficient and effective operations without any fishe dealings oftentimes ascribed to them. This is what this law wants to eliminate."The reason we want to do this is that there are so many allegations against the Nigerian police, where they are seen to be indulged in extrajudicial killings," he said.   
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Hon Abubakar said the resolution will also protect the police and customes seeing how they are killed at security checkpoint without anyone being hold to account for that.Nigerians Protested police brutality in 2020 leading to the abolishment of the notorious Special Anti Robbery Squad of the police.

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