Inside Niger Kingdom Where Male Monarchs Die, Except Women

Mysterious deaths of two kings in Kuumbwada Kingdom of Dangunu Emirate Council, Munya Local Government Area of Niger State, have translated to the locals that the kingdom’s leadership belongs to a female gender.

About two centuries ago, Princess Magajiya Maimuna of Zaria, conquered the kingdom, according to Northpad.

It is believed that the kingdom was cursed, hence, men cannot rule except women.

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When Queen Maimuna left her brother in charge of the throne, according to history, he instantly fell sick and died a few weeks later. The same scenario occurred with the next king and that was why many believed the throne was cursed and only meant for women.

A prominent Islamic cleric in Kano and founder of the Da’awah Foundation, Sheikh Aminudden Abubakar (now late), once claimed that the kingdom was cursed by black magic which is against Islamic doctrines and must be reversed to eliminate the spell. 

WikkiTimes gathered that the death of the two kings commenced princess Magajiya’s reign who ruled for 83 years.

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The current monarch

Presently, Hajiya Hadiza Ahmed is the queen of the Kumbwada Kingdom. According to records, she has been on the throne for two decades.

Fondly called ‘Magjiyan Kumbwada ‘ by her subjects, the only female monarch in Northern Nigeria took after her late grandmother, who reigned for 83 years and died at the age of 113.

I’m the chief here but I discharge my domestic duties as a wife and mother,” the queen said. “However my husband knows his limits, royalty is royalty.” 

The people of Kumbwada kingdom appreciates their queen and accepted that mysterious death of male kings cannot be reversed. 

“We can’t live without a leader, and the fact that any male rulers that ascend the throne die quickly and mysteriously while female rulers reign for many years makes our case a peculiar one. This is an exceptional situation none of us can change,” Musa Muhammad, the chief imam of Kumbwada stated.

Currently in her late 70s, the queen just like kings do, settles farmland tussle, petty thefts, marital disputes among others.

WikkiTimes learnt that the queen does not take lightly the cases of domestic violence and that has drastically curtailed such cases in the kingdom.

“Men sometimes say women provoke them, so that is why they beat them,” she said. “I tell them that there’s no justification, whatever happens.”

Queen Hadiza had five children before she assumed duty, WikkiTimes learnt. They include three girls and two boys. It is generally believed that a queen becomes barren immediately after she ascends the throne.

Apparently, the oldest child, who is a boy, cannot take after his mother, but his sister. 

Speaking on patriarchy in the Nigerian leadership system, Queen Hadiza believes Nigeria is failing because of the male-dominated leadership.

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“I think the problems in Nigeria have become intractable, she said. “Let’s try a woman. Men have failed.”

Despite her prosperous reign, the Queen mother still has challenges and regrets

“My only handicap is that I don’t have a Western education, because, in my time, people didn’t educate their daughters.

“I’m not educated in a modern way, but in the traditional way, I have wisdom in my dealings with people. I’m proud to say that it would be hard to find someone educated who could rule as well as I can.”


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