Inside Yobe Kingdom Where Snakes Are Relatives to Locals

In Macina Emirate, an ancient kingdom in Yobe State, snakes share a ‘mythical’ ancestral lineage with the locals.

This belief was traced back to the history where a queen in the kingdom gave birth to twins — a human and a snake.

Shockingly, the snake twin would later retreated into the rocks behind the palace where it began procreating, and its descendants today, relish the honors that come with royalty like the humans in the kingdom.

Also, these snakes — like human traditional title holders in Macina — hold titles too.

Speaking to Arewa Business Hub, Emir of Machina (Mai Machinama), Dr. Bashir Albishir Bukar, said the twin snake began its generation immediately after it moved into the rocks.

“Their lineage has continued, just like human beings. I am the 77th Mai Machinama, so there must be one snake that has attained the same position in their kingdom,” he said.

Since then, history holds that snakes pay homage to the Mai Machinama Palace as their ancestral home. 

The history of snakes in the vicinity has created a harmonious relationship between the people and the species. Surpassingly, the locals claimed that the snakes don’t harm them. In return, they also spare the snakes. 


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