‘Insider’ Emptied Student’s Paga Account, but the Company ‘Won’t Help’

Nsikak John Thompson, a 25 years-old student of Akwa Ibom State University, has narrated how his wallet account with Paga, a mobile payment company was emptied after sweeping his N43, 780.

This came a few moments after he opened an account with the payment platform where he had deposited the money on August 13, 2022.  Thompson told WikkiTimes he was introduced to the platform through a referral link shared to him by one Usman Mohammed through Instagram. Thompson further claimed that the scammer is a staff member of the company.

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“I just opened an account through a referral link of one of their agents or marketers and made my first deposit of N43, 800,” Thompson said. “And that is how I first received a debit of 43, 780, followed by N18, N1 and 90 kobo, until my wallet became empty.” 

A screenshot detailing how the money was deducted in succession

Following the deduction, Thompson could no longer reach the agent he met on Instagram as he had “blocked me and wiped off our conversation.” 

However, his efforts to reach the company were also fruitless.  “I have called and emailed them, but no meaningful response yet,” Thompson said.

A screenshot of Thompson’s complaint to Paga
Paga’s response

Paga, while responding to Thompson’s complaint via a direct message on Twitter, claimed it had emailed the bank where the fraudster’s account is domiciled. However, WikkiTimes understand that the account is domiciled with Paga.

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“Hi, As regards the above-unauthorized transaction that occurred on your account. This is to notify you that an email has been sent to the bank and no update has been provided as regards the status of the fund. Please note that the refund process is only dependent on the availability of funds and the bank. Once I have an update you would be notified duly. I crave your indulgence to be patient. Stay safe and thank you for choosing Paga,” the company’s response read.

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When confronted with the available facts and evidence, Paga told WikkiTimes it would not disclose the status of the matter to a third party.

“Please note that we cannot disclose any information to a third party as regards this case, further details can only be communicated to Mr, John. Stay Safe. Thank you for choosing Paga,” the company’s agent wrote to WikkiTimes via Twitter.


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