INTERVIEW: Policing In Gombe Takes New Dimension With Mahid Muazu

The information vacuum in Nigeria Police Force is being bridged — never before — under the leadership of Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer (FRPO) with many Police Public Relations Officers (PPROs) threading his path. Recently, the FPRO together with his lieutenants converged at the 16th International Public Relations Congress, themed: ‘Públic Relations Best Practice In a Changing World’ to upgrade their skills “for better service delivery and effective communication.”

However, Mahid Muazu Abubakar of Gombe Police Command takes the lead in the northern part of the country. In this Interview with WikkiTimes, Abubakar explains how he is sailing the command’s boat for the “public good.”

Over time, the Nigeria Police Force’s image has been facing public scepticism. How are you changing that perception in Gombe?

In order to promote and change people’s perception of the Nigerian Police in Gombe State, I have adopted a community policing strategy and ensured prompt response to their complaints in order to build that confidence. Because the police are the public and the public are the police.

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As such, I seek maximum cooperation from the members of the public towards achieving my goals as Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of Gombe Command.

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As a Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), are you answerable to the public just like you are to your instruction?

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Officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force are quick respondents to the members of the public, Police Public Relations Officer.

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How do you rate your relationship with journalists in Gombe and outside?

I have a very cordial relationship with journalists within and beyond Gombe State, which you can also confirm from some of them…

Public disturbance has been on the increase in Gombe, how do you step up security against hoodlums in the state?

Proactive measures have been put in place to curb the unwholesome activities of kalare and other undesirable elements trying to cause mayhem in the state before, during and beyond the 2023 General Elections.

There are checkpoints in Gombe where police operatives extort motorists. What is the command doing about it?

The command under the present leadership is miffed by the activities of some men at the checking points and the Commissioner of Police, Ishola Babatunde Babaita Psc FDMSS, has thereby directed a constant visit and monitoring of men at checking points within the command jurisdiction be invigorated and all form of extortion be channelled to our PCB Desk (09165472923).

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Kidnapping/insecurity in Gombe State is minimal compared to other neighbouring states. Is this creditable to the police?

The police as the lead agency in internal security maintained synergy with other security agencies including local security outfits and of course, the members of the public contributed massively to this development.

How is the command leading the fight against gender violence/inequality?

There is a particular unit in charge of gender-related cases, the unit in collaboration with other government bodies and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) has been organising sensitisation campaigns within the state.

What is your advice to other northern Police Public Relations Officers (PPROs) and the public?

Firstly before the advice, I want to appreciate my senior colleagues in the PR line for giving me the support required to pilot the activities of the Gombe State Police Command Public Relations Department.

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As a piece of advice, I call on my fellow PPROs to embrace social media platforms in order to promote the positive image of the Nigeria Police Force and also to boost the confidence of Nigerians in the force.

To the members of the public, they should desist and discourage people from sharing fake or unverified information that may lead to disruption of peace enjoyed by the good people of the state


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