‘Is There Any School That Does Not Increase Fees?’ — FCE Kontagora Defends Hiked Tuition As Students Groan

Despite cries from low-income students over hiked tuition fees, the management of Federal College of Education, Kontagora in Niger State, standtall over its decision.

The hike was announced in a circular dated May 15, 2022, and signed by Yusuf Ahmed Doma, the school’s Registrar. “Students are to visit the school portal to do their registration,” the circular instructs.

Vocational and computer science students in NCE one are to pay N40,500, while students in other fields are to pay N33,500, according to the circular. According to students who spoke with WikkiTimes, NCE one students, hitherto, paid N26,000. 

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For vocational and computer science students in NCE two and three, they were mandated to pay N36,500 each. But their colleagues in the other fields were instructed to pay N29,500. Prior to the increment, NCE two and three students were paying N24,000.

Students Want Reversal

Abdullahi Mohammed, a level one student of Economics, condemned the hike, saying the recent increase of fee is inimical to the educational system. “Although, there was a reduction of N1,100 after several meetings with union leaders,” he said. “I’m not satisfied with this hike, especially in this hard.”

He implored the Students’ Union Govrnment (SUG) to further plead with the school management, perhaps it could be reviewed downward. 

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In his view, Abubakar Estu Shehu, a Computer/Chemistry student, extolled SUG for reaching a common ground after several meetings. “They only effort made by the union was a deduction of N1,100 after several meetings with school management,” Shehu said.

One of the students who preferred not to be named said, for the past years, the number of students in FCE have been decreasing. He said: “I will not put much blame on SUG as they tried what they could, pleading with management to lower the fee of Science and others.”

“It will affect many students,” he added. “Aside from registration fee, students pay various union fees, accommodation and handouts fees.” 

Adamu Salihu, the SUG President, said the union tried its best to influence management’s decision, but to no avail.

“The union has no other plan to meet with the management council over the hike fee,” Salihu said, adding “it is not everybody that will be satisfied with the reduction but they should noticed our effort.”

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When contacted the first time, Doma, the college registrar, denied the claims of increment, challenging our reporter to present the circular he was referring to. “It is not true that we have increased school fees,” he said.

When confronted with the circular for the second time, he scolded this reporter, saying he has never called to inquire positive things about the school.

“Is there any institution that does not increase school fees?” he asked before hanging the phone. 


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