‘ISWAP Pays Tribute To 23 Slain Commanders’

The Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), Wednesday, paid a tribute to 23 commanders killed by security forces, according to Bulama Bukarti, a source familiar with insurgency matters.

Bukarti stated in a tweet that the insurgent group released a video paying tribute to its fallen commanders. Though, there were no details about their death.

Although, WikkiTimes understands some of the commanders were killed by Nigerian troops about two years ago.

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However, the Nigerian Army recently scaled up offensives against the terrorists and many of them were killed, according to information made available on its social media handles.

Their Names

  1. Commander Abu Musab al-Yobawi
  2. Commander Abu Nu’man al-Amni
  3. Commander Abu Abdullah al-Barnawi
  4. Abu ‘Ammara al-Barnawi
  5. Abu Anas al-I’Alami
  6. Abdul Malik al-Barnawi
  7. Abu Sufyan al-I’alami
  8. Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Da’wi
  1. Commander Abu Usama Goneri
  2. Abu Sa’d al-Ansari
  3. Abu Jabbar al-Barnawi
  4. Abu Anas al-Barnawi
  5. Abu Abdul Rahman al-Katsanawi
  6. Abu Maryam al-Gaidami
  7. Abu Salman al-Ansari
  8. Baka Goneiri
  9. Commander Abu Mustafa al-‘Askari
  10. Brother Farooq al-Barnawi
  11. Abu Ahmad al-I’alami
  12. Al-Qassim Al-Barnawi
  13. Mustafa al-Barnawi
  14. ‘Abbas al-Ansari
  15. Musa al-Ansari


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