It’s Tough To Keep PDP United, Says Tambuwal

Aminu Tambuwal, chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), says it is not easy keeping the major opposition party united,TheCable reports.

Tambuwal, who is the governor of Sokoto, spoke at the ongoing PDP national convention in Abuja, on Saturday.

He said it is tough to keep PDP together as a big party, with members from across the country and with various interest and desires.

“Diverse as we are, it is, however, clear to me that we are at our best when we remember that we must remain focused and disciplined for the sake of our country and for the benefit our fellow Nigerians,” Tambuwal said.

“In Nigeria, it is tough to remain an item, focused and disciplined, when being an opposition party. The temptation and allure of power can be overwhelming. Some have fallen along the way.”

Tambuwal commended all those “who found the steps to remain focused and disciplined and do the hard work that opposition requires”.

According to him, though there are attempts to scuttle the party’s activities, PDP remains united.

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“I am happy to report to the naysayers that PDP today is the strongest and formidable party in Nigeria,” he said.

“I am happy to report to those who want to divide and weaken us that we are winning by the grace of God.

“Allow me to welcome new members to our party. They are here because they want to work for a better Nigeria.

“They are here because they have realised that the PDP is the best platform to move Nigeria forward, we say welcome.

“We encourage other patriots and concerned Nigerians to join us in the PDP. We will soon be welcoming more members to our party.”

Tambuwal, who said the country is going through tough times, added that Nigeria needs strong and smart citizens that can provide the leadership that would help sustain institutions capable of promoting collaboration in the areas of security, innovation, trade, investment and defence of the democracy.

“Our young people need a secured, safe and enabling country that will allow them realise their desires to be educated, employ and deploy their entrepreneurship skills,” he said.

“They need to take advantage of their potential to make the best of the best to fulfill their ambition.”


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