Kannywood Stars Bicker Over ‘Big Lie’ Tinubu’s Campaign List

Kannywood actresses Mansurah Isah and Rahama Sadau have bickered on social media over a misunderstanding pertaining to Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s women campaign list. 

Rahama Sadau had on October 1, quoted a tweet by the Punch announcing the list of top celebrities that made it to Tinubu’s women campaign list.

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“Joke Silva, Mercy Johnson, Rahama Sadau, Other Celebs Make Tinubu’s Women Campaign Team,” the tweet read. “Top Nollywood actresses have been listed on the Tinubu/Shettima Women Presidential Campaign Team, which was released on Saturday.” 

However, Sadau had refuted the list, saying that she was not informed prior to the development. “This is a big fat lie,” she tweeted in response. “I am not aware of this.”


In reaction to Sadau’s tweet, Mansurah in an Instagram post said that the actress’s identity appeared erroneously.

According to her, the artist was ‘Rahama MK’, not Rahama Sadau, however, the media wrongfully attached Sadau’s picture to go with the post.

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“Dear Rahama, the name you saw on the list wasn’t yours in the first place. It was RAHAMA MK’s name and since they only knew you as Rahama from Kannywood, so they assume it was you. But never mind. Is not you,” the post partly read.

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“I am just trying to put your heart at rest by informing you that it was a typing error. Campaigning or representing a candidate have a lot of criterias which you must have before even been nominated,” Mansurah retorted. 

“We all respect all we do. Voicing out is normal and being shocked is normal since you know u are not an artist/ politician. Then helping you to clear your doubt is normal too,” she added. 

This seemed offensive to Sadau, as contained in another response to Mansurah’s post.  

“Dear Mansura Isa, I would advise you to let this go because your superiors called privately to apologize for an intended mistake. You don’t need to be anybody’s mouthpiece,” she wrote. 


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