Kari-Misau Road: ‘A Death Trap’ Where Residents, Drivers Sand-Fill Potholes

While Federal Government continues to take off its eyes on the deteriorating condition of Kari-Misau road in Bauchi state, the road unabatedly continues to deteriorate daily becoming a death trap on one hand and, on the other, forcing residents and drivers to sand-fill potholes along the road.

A community effort is not enough to fix the road strategic road that links Adamawa, Gombe and some parts of Bauchi central to the ancient commercial city of Kano and the rest of the northwestern states.

Despite series of complaints channelled to different authorities, the Kari-Misau road continues to deteriorate on a daily basis, thereby, making both individuals residing along the road and commuters using it to languish daily on a road that is not safe for their shuttling demands.

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WikkiTimes observes that potholes abound on the road with parts of it critically failing, thus making it unfavourable for passengers to commute with their goods.

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“This road (Kari-Misau) is in shambles, we have been neglected by the government as they don’t care whether we die or survive on this road.

“Our lives are at stake on daily basis and this road is our only means of getting food to our families.

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“We have been experiencing hell on this road, whenever someone wants to dodge the potholes, he may ram into you and thus accidents are inevitable,” Babangida Na’andaza, driver along the road said.

After writing-off any help from relevant state and federal authorities, residents residing resorted to mobilizing community effort to fill some of the potholes on the road with sand.

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Malam Zakar Ahmed, the Chief Security Officer of the Road Transport Employers Union of Nigeria in Misau said concerned authorities across board consistently turn deaf ears about their grumbles associated with the road.

He said, “as a group, we have done some self-help work to fill the potholes last year. They were blown away by the increasing number of vehicles plying the road on daily basis.”

“Accidents may continue to occur on the road if not repaired,” he added.

WikkiTimes in an investigation uncovers how millions of naira meant for the rehabilitation of Adamami-Madakeri road, along the axis of Misau-Kari road, went into the pocket of the contractor without executing the project.


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