Katsina Women Lament ‘Use and Dump’ Strategy by Politicians

Women in Katsina State said politicians only used them to get into power and forget about them after the electioneering processes.

The grieving women said they are not given opportunities like their opposite gender to occupy various positions, according to BBC Hausa.

Hajiya Rabi Marafa, one of the women told the BBC Hausa: “Women are able to do their best, and they are also the basis of the election, but things are being watched and done.”

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She noted the problem women faced in politics is associated with culture and religion.

Another woman, Hajiya Rabi Saulawa stated that the failure to give women a chance has led to a setback in solving problems that plague them, as the Hausas say: “a woman’s pain is a woman’s disease.”

“Women are not given a chance, let alone what kind of government they will have,” she lamented.


Some women faulted men for the continuous problems they faced in politics.

“The biggest problem for women in Katsina state is that even if they run for office, they later withdraw,” said Binta Muhammad Nasir, a commentator on current affairs. “I don’t know what they are feeling or fearing. It is something that I have to be brave enough to stand firm before it is done.” I know you or I went with you as I should.”

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“Now there is an awareness of bringing women into political affairs,” she said. “I think that now I have made some progress in dealing with women.”

“As well as women in Katsina state, I am complaining about another problem that women are facing, that is the way women are being followed and their votes are being bought, so that on election day they do not even see their votes,” Binta added.


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