Kuda Bank Completely Refunds Student’s N15,000 After WikkiTimes’ Stories

Following WikkiTimes’ reports, Kuda Bank, a Nigerian fintech company, has completely refunded the sum of N15,000 belonging to Destiny Ebibibowei Okutu, an undergraduate student of Enugu State University.

WikkiTimes had reported that the student purchased an earbud from Jumia, an online shopping firm on November 3, but demanded a refund after discovering that it was faulty.

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Jumia, however, refunded the money, but Kuda Bank withheld it until the student reported to WikkiTimes.

On December 11, the bank refunded parts of the money. Two weeks later, the students told WikkiTimes the money had been completely refunded.

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“After Kuda bank refunded the first part of the money, I had hoped that they would refund the remaining N7,000 on time,” he said, adding the bank delayed it until after two weeks.

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“The fund was credited to my account without notification. I’m grateful for your efforts,” Okutu told our reporter.



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