Lagos Mother Agonised Over Alleged Defilement, Rape Of One-Year-Old Baby At School, Doctors Refused To Admit Assault

One Mrs Mary has agonized over the rape of Princess, her 13-month-old baby, by unknown persons in Ojota, Lagos

According to a Twitter post by Landa Bethel Foundation @auntlanda, Princess was picked up from school, Lohims Academy Ojota, on Monday, July 4, 2022, with bruises, swelling, and blood stains and whitish deposits around her vagina and thigh.

“Meanwhile, earlier on the day of this incident, Monday, July 4, 2022, when Princess’mother went to drop her off at school, she was told that she can not go into the school premises, that the security boys will take the baby girl to the crèche.

“Later in the day, when she came to pick up her daughter, she was not allowed into the school premises again. She had to lie that she needed to use the restroom, just to gain access into the school premises,” the Twitter post read. 

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The following day, Mrs Mary took her daughter to Oregun Public Health Care, Lagos,  where the baby was examined and confirmed that she had been defiled and her hymen was tampered with.

But, according to the post, when Lohims Academy Ojota was mentioned, where the incident was suspected to have occurred, doctors altered the narrative alleging that Princess just has diaper rash. 

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Wikki Times gathered that the victim was then referred to Ojodu Public Health Care, claiming that there is an agency there that handles cases of defilement.

On arrival at the address, they learnt that no such agency exists. Two doctors ran tests confirmed yet again that Princess has been defiled, having a broken hymen and for the second time, denied their earlier findings after Lohims Academy Ojota was mentioned.

“When Princess’ parents challenged the doctors at Ojodu Primary Health Centre, they were given a Laboratory Request Paper to run some tests in their laboratory.

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“The laboratory official requested payment for the tests but Princess’ parents made them understand that the doctor already told them that they do not need to pay. Only RVS test was conducted on Princess, they claimed that they do not have Rape Kit available, and gave them some supplements, antibiotics, and HIV-prevention medications for Princess.” The post further read. 

The baby was further reported to have been throwing up and having a running temperature since the unfortunate assault. 

Wikki Times further learnt that as at Wednesday, July 6, 2022, the victim was taken to the Police Hospital Falomo, Lagos, where it was yet corroborated that Princess was raped. The hospital  also claimed that the sperm evidence was no longer available as the incident had exceeded 48 hours. 


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