Lapai LG Chair, Jantabo, Admits Flaws In Education, But Brazenly Justifies It

The Chairman, Lapai Local Government Area of Niger State, Hamidu Muazu Jantabo has admitted to the flaws in the educational sector of the council, attributing it to the lack of “proper usage of the available teachers.”

Jantabo stated this while responding to a Facebook post by a user, Dauda Ezhin, who claimed that the chairman influenced the setback.

Ezhin wrote: “No more teachers in our public primary schools in Lapai, Jantabo screening has taken our education 10yrs backward.”

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Defensively, Jantabo said the blame should be shifted to concerned authorities responsible for “decongesting” teachers in urban public schools by sending them to rural areas to solve the lingering problem. 

“You’re very wrong my brother,” he scolded Ezhin. “The problem in Lapai LG is the non-utilization of the teachers that we have, we don’t have a shortage. You should hold those responsible to decongest the schools in town and send teachers to remote areas; that’s exactly what we are fighting.”


However, several users who reacted to Ezhin’s post accused the chairman of selfishness, holding and deducting council workers’ salaries without explanation, and lack of transparency in the administration. 

A user, Ibrahim Aliyu Gbedako who commented on Ezhin’s post said: “May almighty Allah take him backward in his political career as he takes Lapai local government education backward Ameen year.”

“The mess must be corrected for us to have a better and functioning education,” said Omar Makka Kuchi.

Another user, Aliyu Y. Aliyu Ebbo chided the chairman, saying: “Hmmm. He who must come to equity must come with clean hands.”

Comrade Mba Abbas Lapai, also commented, saying: “Jantabo Mu’azu did you mean the ones you hold their salaries or the ones with fake certificates, maybe the underage ones, please I need more enlightenment.”

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Responding to Abbas, the chairman asked: “pls tell me what you know about what we did.” But the former responded by saying: “Jantabo Mu’azu, I needed more clarification, not answering me with another question.”

“My brother, we have enough teachers in Lapai LG. What is happening is that the teachers that are supposed to be teaching in the remote communities don’t go to the schools to teach. They are either Minna, Lapai, or Gwagwalada base. Go to my village Bwaje, the headmaster is the only teacher doing almost all the work and from LEA Lapai, we have more than one teacher posted there”, another Facebook user, Halilu Suleiman Bwaje, wrote.


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