LGBTQ: Hisbah Official Caught on Video Advocating for Gay Rights

A video of a man who identified as an official of Kano State Hisbah Board has emerged advocating for equal rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Community in Nigeria.

Idris Ahmed Gama, who claimed to be head of the Medical Unit in the in the Hisbah, in video available on X handle @_yellows appreciating an event organized by an organization that promotes LGBTQ, WISE_Nigeria.

Gama said there is need for equal treatment for LGBTQI community in Nigeria as they just like every other member of the society.     

He called for the lawmakers to look at possibility of reviewing legislation that banned the activities of the LGBTQ community in Nigeria.

He said “Just like I said, we are all humans, so, we need equal treatment, and this is exactly where the problems come in. When you have two children and you decide to treat one badly and you treat the other daughter well, you will see that the gap and the differences will show, and you are putting injustice in your family.

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“So, the issue of LGBTQI persons in Nigeria, at least they are supposed to be handled the way they handle other community people (sic)…how are these people who have to be carried along with other individuals and other Nigerians.”

Asked in the video on whether the policy brief presented at the event will change anything in the legal landscape in Nigeria, he said “I believe so. Why because just as I said we are all Nigerians, and we need equal treatment and backup. So, I believe with this advocacy now our lawmakers have to think about the law passed before and if there is any need of amendment they should think over it.”

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Gama further said he was considering the community as his brothers and sisters, “My first time being in a situation like this was very, very shocking but I just feel free now, this is my second time. That first time was in Abuja I couldn’t even feel free.But getting closer to LGBTQI persons, I later realized they are people like me and they are humans,” he added.

“As of this time around, I feel like I am dealing with my sisters and I am dealing with my brothers.”

“I am thanking the organizers as a Hisbah representative to be here. There are many other organizations but none of them were here but Hisbah was recommended because they know the importance of Hisbah and its work. It is a very big achievement and I am very proud and grateful,” Gama concluded.     

Kano Hisbah spokesperson, Lawal Ibrahim confirmed that Idris Ahmed is an official of Hisbah but the command is not aware of the said event. 

“Idris Ahmed is part of us but we are not aware of such an event and I cannot speak further on the matter,” Ibrahim said.

When contacted, head of Surveillance Unit of the Hisbah, Aliyu Usman confirmed to WikkiTimes that the official works with Hisbah, but the Board is not aware of such video of its official.

Usman explained that the Board would make its official position later on the issue.


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