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Major Al-Mustapha Reveals Conspiracy Intrigues Behind Boko Haram Insurgency

Major Hamza Hamza Al-Mustapha, the Presidential candidate of the Action Alliance (AA) in the 2023 general election has alleged that the insurgency in northeast Nigeria is an investment orchestrated by the western organisations to continue mining and looting resources from the region.

Interacting with Brekete TV, Al-Mustapha maintained that international communities with backing from some unscrupulous Nigerians to root insurgency and continue mining the expensive resources in the country.

A-Mustapha, who was the former Chief Security Officer to the former military Head of State Gen Sani Abacha, said at the expense of poor Nigerians, NGOs working in the northeast disguised as aid agents to corner precious natural resources that are in abundance in the Lake-Chad region in Borno State.

He said the international bodies are comfortably going to “no-go-areas” for Nigerian security agents in Borno which creates suspicions about the real motive of the mining.

“In Borno State, there is Boko Haram, there are no go areas, there are areas that are still mined, the weather is harsh, is very unfriendly, is a small area”. He said that the places are home to some international organisations with the carnival of Nigerians.

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“They have been renting houses for over 20 years and when you give them the rent price they wouldn’t ask – they just pay, what are they doing there? Why do the NGOs go to places at night that soldiers and other security agents dread to go to? What are they doing there?

“Why are most of them coming with phones with satellites, satellite PCs? How come most of them come under the guise of supportive activities to the poor? And the ministry of health bothers not to know the kind of medicine they give to the poor,” he said.

Al-Mustapha faulted Nigerian authorities for negligence and ignorance of the real activities of the foreign bodies in the mining areas across the country, maintaining that they disguised themselves as aid agents to swindle Nigerians.

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To him, the activities of foreign NGOs exacerbate the health challenges in the mining area, especially in the Niger Delta region.

“The oil spill in the Niger Delta is deliberate – is a game. Environmental pollution is an investment at the expense of our mothers, at the expense of the fishermen in the South-South and our health. How much is the increase in kidney liver and cancer problems in mining communities?

“Giving reference to one of the elements mined by the foreign bodies in the Borno, the Presidential candidate stated that a gram of californium sales over twenty-seven million US dollars, “Californium is $27m per gram, is the most expensive mineral resource and abundance in Borno State, that’s what started Boko Haram – that’s the game”, he insisted.

He bemoaned that most of the presidential candidates for the next year’s elections are ignorant of their country, “If you don’t know of your country which type of leadership are you coming to give, you are a liability if you don’t know”.

Al-Mustapha said for knowing and wanting the exploitation of foreign NGOs to be uncovered, he was tagged as an enemy in the 1990s.

“I knew this in 1996 and one of the offences I committed is getting to know this, that it shouldn’t be known. I was tagged as an enemy, How do we have these riches and remain poor? It’s better to offend any person than to offend the Almighty.


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