Malumfashi: Arewa Youngster Making Waves in Car Dealing

‘I am a woman, but I love cars.’ — These were the words of Hadiza Shehu Malumfashi, an Abuja-based car dealer. 

Malumfashi said this while posing with a Porsche GT in an interview with BBC Hausa.

She conceded how odd felt at first, venturing into a business that wasn’t common amongst women, especially in Northern Nigeria.  However, the business pays, she affirmed. 

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“I studied mass communication and I aspire to be a journalist, but my strong passion for cars led me to automotive presenting,” she

The young lady narrated that she ventured in car dealing at 18, after she got employed by Abuja Cars. 

Her passion for cars could be said to have cooled-off her aspiration as a would-be journalist.

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“I used to spend a lot of time on google and youtube, watching Supercar blondie (Alexandra Mary),” she said. 

“My brother first taught me how to drive on my tenth birthday, but I had to wait until 18 to continue,” she added.

While encouraging women to pursue their passions, she urged them not to compromise their values and standards while at it.

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When asked, the entrepreneur admitted that she does not own a car, but wishes to own a Porsche 911 turbo. 

“Men feel intimidated to approach me because of the kind of cars I drive,” she stated.


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