Millions at Risk of Hunger as Food Inflation Escalates in Northern Nigeria

Khadijat Salaam is a mother of four in Niger state, she sells clothes from which she feeds her family as her husband died some years back. However, she and her family are on the brink of starvation as her wares no longer move as before and the cost of food items has rendered them struggling to eat.

Khadijat is not alone, as food inflation continues to bite hard in the northern part of the country. Review of the most recent food inflation data released by the national bureau of statistics shows that , the inflation is highest in Kogi state, with a 48.6% rate.

The lowest rate of food inflation is 33.6% in Adamawa state. The NBS data shows an increase in the food inflation between March 2024 and April 2024, signalling an upward inflationary trend.

This development is despite the number of already poor people in the northern region of the country. According to the multidimensional poverty index of 2022 released by the national bureau of statistics, 85.4 million persons are poor. Kano records the highest number of poor persons with 10.5 million persons said to be poor in the state.

Nasarawa has the lowest number of poor persons with 1.3 million. 

This would mean that the 85 million persons said to be poor as of 2022, are threatened by hunger as inflation continues on the high side.

Food Inflation in 2022 higher than 2024, exposing 85 million Poor Northerners to More Hunger

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WikkiTimes review of the food inflation as of December 2022 and the current inflation rate, means that comparison of data as of the time the NBS conducted its multidimensional poverty index survey in 2022 and current food inflation will mean that the 85 million poor northerners are exposed to more poverty driven by rising costs of items including food.

The situation is not helped by the unemployment rate in Northern Nigeria.

Already, the world bank food program puts the number of persons suffering from food insecurity in northern nigeria at 4.4 million.

Although the Nigerian government has promised to end the increasing food inflation in the country, per data, it has been unable to.

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