‘Na Me Beat Am?’ — Force Spokesman’s Defence Goes Wrong

Olumuyiwa Adejobi, Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO) for Nigeria Police Force is being taunted after he tried to defend himself about a woman voter attacked by hoodlums in Lagos State during the presidential poll.

The police spokesman had tweeted about how women should be revered but he was attacked by a tweep who commented with the picture of the battered woman.

Jennifer Efidi, the woman whose picture was posted, told Punch she was attacked by thugs at the Nuru/Oniwo Ward, Polling Unit 065, in Surulere while waiting to vote on Saturday, February 25.

However, arrests were made across Lagos but the police did not mention Surulere where the woman was attacked.

“It’s only an insame [sic] man who can beat up a woman. A woman is a strong electron that charges up your success and stability in life, so respect and adore her. I love and adore our women, mothers, and sisters. Ire o,” Adejobi tweeted.

Responding, the police spokesman asked if he was the person who battered the woman.


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Although Adejobi’s response may be seen as a personal defence, he’s not spared. Not even the institution he speaks for.

One of the tweeps, a Labour Party’s loyalist, who commented chided Adejobi and went ahead to say the officer’s predecessor would not utter such a statement.

“Public safety officer making such a reckless statement.  Nigeria is not ready at all aswear. These kinda elements are not supposed to be the image maker of the police. Frank MBA can never make such a statement. Education is not a scam my people,” he said.

Another user tweeted: “This is an unfortunately insensitive thing to say. 

“Before being a policeman, you’re most likely a father, husband, brother or son – does it remotely occur to you that this could have been your daughter, wife, sister or mother? 

“You’re the PRO for the Nigerian Police Force yet you tweet like a thug. This is why your men steal, rob, kill, maim, extort daily because from the top to the bottom, corruption exists and empathy is void. 

“I’d have said “you’ll get what’s coming for you” but Karma is a facade.”

A user identified as KINGMAKASA opined that the officer should have ignored the trolls.

“With all due respect Sir, sometimes silence goes a long way in public service. It’s not every tweet/comment you respond to,” he said.

The user continued: “Silence is golden and can’t be misunderstood. “Na me beat am”  can mean a lot of things. Not everyone online understands contextual meanings of words.”


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