Open Memo To Governor Bala Mohammed

21st  May, 2021

His Excellency

Senator Bala Mohammed

Executive Governor

Bauchi State, Nigeria

Government House Bauchi.

Your Excellency,

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My name is Citizen John Akevi. I am a well known Socio-Political Crusader in this country, and the President, Tiv Community Forum (TCF), Bauchi State.

My antecedence is well known, and I have in no small measure helped in moving Bauchi State forward, in many areas of interest.

Leadership is all about solving problems. Leadership is about getting results.

Your administration is moving on smoothly on course, and graciously in all aspects of government in the state.

Your Excellency, you have demonstrated beyond belief that you are a leader.

For example, you have done well in the following areas :

* Provision of enduring projects which have changed the landscape of the state.

* Payment of salaries has continued.

* Payment of pensions to pensioners is ongoing smoothly.

* Contractors are back to the site.

* Our Security Network have been rejigged.

* You have embarked on inspection of projects.

* There is a calm and relatively peaceful environment in the state.

And so on and so forth.

Your profile of courage and versatility in leadership is very encouraging and intimidating.

I am truly impressed.

But there is one area that need your urgent attention “THE BAN ON COMMERCIAL MOTORCYCLES IN BAUCHI STATE”.

 My nature as a Socio-Political Crusader does not allow me to keep quiet when things are going wrong in my environment.

 Ordinary, I would have channelled this  through the official/proper  channel, which is the office of Secretary to the Government, and or the office of Chief of Staff.

 I decided to use this open-loop channel (social media) so that you will appreciate more what I am drawing your attention to. It is not meant to castigate or ridicule the administration.

 On this note, Your Excellency, I wish to bring to your notice the consequences of the ban imposed on motorcycles by your administration in the state. There is fear that the youth, who lost their jobs to the ‘Achaba ban,’ may engage in thuggery and other nefarious activities.

 Your Excellency, what becomes of the young men who used to earn their living by this mode of transportation! What alternative means of transportation has your administration put in place to reduce the hardship that the ban has imposed on those for whom there is no other means of transportation?

Your Excellency, please don’t give the members of the opposition the lacuna/loopholes to start fighting your leadership, especially now that the 2023

general elections inch closer.

 I have decided to formally alert you by submitting this very open memo of appeal to your government to reconsider the decision and  lift the ban on commercial motorcycles, popularly known as ‘Achaba’ in the state.

 This is to give Your Excellency the honour, respect, privilege and opportunity to take action by treating this subject matter.

Your Excellency, I am therefore calling on you to rise to this challenge by doing the needful.

Accept my surest regards.

 Citizen John Akevi



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