Poison Couldn’t Kill FUK Student in Gombe — So He Hangs Self

Nalkur Zwalnan Lar, a final-year student at the Faculty of Education, Federal University of Kashere (FUK), Gombe State, reportedly took poison to end his life, but it was not successful, so he hanged himself.

According to inside sources, Lar had bequeathed a suicide note before killing himself. In the note, he expressed gratitude to his elder brothers “for everything they have done for him and urged his mother, who he described as the best mother on earth to take it easy with herself.”

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Lar also enlisted people he was indebted to and gave a hint on how they could recover their money. In the note, WikkiTimes learnt that Lar ended his life because he felt it was meaningless to him as he could not afford a smartphone of N50,000 even though his father is a millionaire.

The deceased accused a lady — his girlfriend — of betrayal.  In addition, he apologised to some persons simply identified as Favour and Comfort.

Suleyman Malami Ahmed, FUK’s Head of Information and Protocol confirmed the incident to WikkiTimes, saying the university would shed more light on the matter as investigation is ongoing.


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