Ramadan: Bauchi Gastroenterologist Asks Ulcer Patients To Avoid Fasting

Dr Alkali Mohammed, a gastroenterologist with the Abubakar Tafawabalewa University Teaching Hospital Bauchi, ATBUTH has warned Muslims Ulcer patients not to fast during this month of Ramadan to avoid worsening their condition.

He said it is extremely important for Ulcer-Muslim-Patirnty to heed professional advice on how best to go about fasting in Ramadan to avoid jumping from fire to frying pan.

Dr Alkali who was a former Chief Medical Director of ATBUTH said practices such as consuming alcohol, self-medication and smoking further exacerbate the condition of ulcer patients, something that underscores the need to exterminate those practices to free from the monster of ulcers.

He said people complicated their Ulcer condition when they are not even sure of having the disease by consulting community doctors paving way for the development of a helicobacter organism.

The Gastroenterologist opined that established peptic ulcer disease is not as common as being portrayed by people saying that most cases of ulcers are completely curable and reiterated the need to always seek advice from experts so as to live a healthy life.

While highlighting some of the complications related to ulcers, the Gastroenterologist said the most devastating complication is the possible development of cancers hence the need to give attention to the disease.

Dr Alkali while explaining the misconceptions related to ulcer, noted that ulcer is the most diagnosed disease in our community calling on people to always go through endoscopy to confirm ulcer disease.

He advised ulcer patients to shy away from traditional drugs because they do more harm than good and there is no scientific proof that they can cure ulcer as most of them can only relief symptoms.


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