REPORTER’S DIARY: How WikkiTimes’ Journalist Is Making Waves Despite Disability

When they say there is ability in disability, it is only when you despise the physical constraint and stand against all odds. In this industry where I found myself, passion has remained the major drive.

From a few national dailies and international platforms (Transcontinental Times) to WikkiTimes, the growth is immense, as well as the impact.

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The tragedy that victimised me still hurts whenever I recall how I was denied justice that year. I spent three months at the Minna General Hospital where I was amputated as recommended by the doctor. However, the prevalence of social injustice, especially in the northern part of the country still makes it possible for defaulters and oppressors to walk free unchallenged. He would not check on me at the hospital and would not contribute a dime for the surgery. It is sad, but life continues.


It was a sunny Monday when a car rammed into me and trapped my leg in a culvert near our settlement in Kuchi Kebba, a suburb of Lapia Local Government Area of Niger State.

I had returned home from school for breakfast before the incident happened. No one — even myself — thought the fatal accident could impair me until it was mentioned by a medical doctor in the city hospital.

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Recuperating into society comes with many ups and downs. The inescapable one is that I eventually turned into a gazing object even to my peers with whom I had dined together in those days. With motivations from family members, I normalised the challenge and decided not to be reduced to a beggar as a popular resort for many impaired persons in the country. Gracias to everyone who took part in my growth.


For any just society, indeed there must be unrestrained voices that confront the ‘powerfools’ who oppress the lower class. So I see my call in journalism. 

We know north for ‘Allah ya kadara/Allah ya isa’ syndromes which oppressors (in the region) shamelessly rely upon to shy away from justice. Sadly, those who stand against them are being objectified as common enemies, even to the minds they control in society.

A journalist who diligently does his work for the public good is prone to attacks from those he intends to hold to account. While one may thread with care, journalism — to me — is an instrument for a just society and with my soul, I have subscribed to adversarial journalism. Thanks to WikkiTimes, International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR) and other vibrant platforms holding powers to account.

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My case study should not cloud your emotion, but you must understand that ‘secrecy is the major driver of impunity’. Hence, we must expose what needs to be exposed, punch that needs to be punched and hail that deserves to be extolled.

Advocating against hostel space racketeering, hiked students’ union fees and students-based corruption among others almost cost me my degree. But once you believe in your course, you have nothing to lose. My ally, Yakubu Mohammed can tell this story better.

Outside the campus, my works have driven major changes for some communities, notably the IDPS in Shiroro LGA and neglected communities in Lapai LGA.


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