Sensitive Materials Yet To Be Distributed in Misau As Allegations Of Fake Ballot Papers Mar Process

Sensitive Materials are yet to be distributed in Misau local government as allegations of fake ballot papers delay distribution.

WikkiTimes reports that as of 10:am, elections officials were queueing at BASIEC office in Misau to transport ballot papers and other materials to the 16 wards of the LGA. Our correspondent reports that allegations of fake ballot papers allegedly printed to rig the election was the major reason for the delay.

 Sallau Abdu from Kukadi A ward in the LGA says; “we learned that fake ballot papers were printed to rig the election, that’s why we insisted that BASIEC must sort the original ballot and stamp all of them, so that any ballot that is not stamp could be identified.

“Basically that is what caused the delay in the distribution of ballots”, Salau said.
 WikkiTimes reports that there 197 polling Units across the 16 wards in Misau LGA.


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