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Sheikh Guruntum Warns Youths Against Infidelity On Social Media

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A Bauchi Based Islamic Scholar, Sheik Ahmad Tijjani Yusuf Guruntum has warned Nigerian youths against improper use of social media to promote infidelity in society. 
He said recent trends of how abled-bodied young persons display acts of immorality on social media spaces is an ill wind that blows nobody any good. 

Sheik Guruntum leased out the warning during a weekly lecture session in Bauchi tagged: Misuse of the Social Media by Youths and Women.

The Islamic Cleric said it is barbaric and saddening the manner in which youths and women use social media platforms to watch and post irrelevant content to the public without remorse and responsibility for the feelings and ideals of other users.

To him, social media platforms which are meant to accelerate socio-economic and political development where all citizens will be happy and be able to live a life that desire have now been condemned to epicentres of showcasing all sorts of excommunicated behaviours that are inimical to the culture and moral values Nigerian societies are known for long before the coming of Europeans. 

Sheikh Guruntum lamented how youths and women spend almost 24 hours of their time on internet access facilities like phones, computer set accessing Facebook, Tik Tok, and WhatsApp without considering their Islamic books.

He advised youths and women of all faiths to have a reflection on the way that they use social media so as to come up with the best strategies to maximise the opportunities the platforms offer for both personal and corporate growth and development. 

Sheikh Gruntum said Islam emphasised morality and abhorred indiscipline, stressed the need for those in such habit to desist from it for their own good.



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