Singer Allegedly Spat On Police In Lagos

Daniel Benson, a popular Nigerian singer fondly called BNXN, has claimed that he spat saliva on personnel of the Nigerian Force In Lagos.

BNXN had in a Twitter post on his verified Twitter handle said, “Spat in a police officer’s face and it felt so good. I let you in my car and you dragged and tear my shirt, and start slapping me. (Sic) Nah, everybody must stop!”

However, the singer later deleted the post, explaining that ‘spat in a police officer’s face and it felt so good is an “idiomatic expression”.

“I do not support violence or abuse against the police in any form. Yesterday I was in a life-threatening situation which caused me to lash out due to the physical assault on me by some policemen who have now been brought to book. however. I just want to focus on what’s important to me, my music. Thank you for all the love and concern.

“I stood on my right as a responsible Nigerian, despite the violence against my person and I do not want my deleted tweet to be taken seriously. I appreciate the swift intervention of some reputable police officers on this matter too. Love.”

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BNXN alleged that he was tortured by some policemen and there said, “My life is in danger, that’s why I published this message because I was beaten by some policemen who have now been punished.”


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