Slavery, Rape… How Bandits In Katsina Freely Govern Locals

Bandits in Katsina State are brazenly governing locals, using them for hard labours and gang-raping young girls and women.

WikkiTimes gathered that the residents were forced to sleep in makeshift houses after taking over their abodes. In addition, they are being used as slaves on the farms seized from them.

Dr Bashir Kurfi, an elder and community member, revealed the atrocities to BBC Hausa during one of its programmes this morning.

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Kurfi said terror gangs “have occupied people’s homes in many villages, where they force the owners to stay in makeshift and work on farms taken over by the bandits to produce food for the terrorists.”

“At the same time, women and girls were serially raped by the bandits,” Kurfi revealed.

Kurfi cited one incident he witnessed in which 40 bandits gang-raped nine women in a night.

The women were later taken to the Federal Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Kastina, but they were rejected by a doctor who testified that the damages were beyond the control of the facility.

The doctors following a check on the victims advised they should be taken to a Urology Hospital which treats the urinary-tract system.

The mindless killings, kidnappings

Prior to the coordinated attack on President Muhammadu Buhari’s convoy, the marauders have stepped up their nefarious operations in the president’s hometown.

On May 24, the bandits invaded Gakurdi village in Jibia Local Government Area of Katsina State, killing 12 farmers and injuring other three villagers.

Six days later, the marauders besieged a Nigeria Customs Service checkpoint in Mil Takwas, a community located a few kilometres from Katsina town.

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The bandits, during the attack, razed properties including vehicles. However, the invasion occurred at midnight around 01:00 am.

In a daylight attack, gunmen numbering 300 and loyal to Ado Alero, a bandit kingpin recently turbaned in Zamfara, killed five police officers including three civilians in the Kankara Local Government Area of Katsina State.

This was followed by a mass abduction at Rahamawa and Shagari low-cost housing estates in the state. Gambo Isah, the police spokesman for Katsina Police command confirmed the abduction.

It did not end there, the attacks keep soaring as seen here and here.


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