Some Students of FGC Yauri Were Lucky to Escape Abduction, but They Still Grieve for Their Colleagues

Khadija Aminu, Mansura Zubairu and Naja’atu Muhammad, narrowly escaped the violent scene of June 17, 2021, when scores of students from Federal Government College (FGC) Birnin Yauri Kebbi State were kidnapped by brazen terrorists locally known as bandits. Sadly, some of the kidnapped female students have turned wives of their abductors as some have reportedly given birth.

A bandits’ faction of Dogo Gide, one of the terror bigwigs terrorising the ungoverned parts of northern Nigeria, led his men to the school. According to reports, he had also forcefully married one of the girls.

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In Vestige of Violence, a HumAngle podcast, the trio of Khadija, Naja’atu and Mansura recounted their experienced and prayed for the safe return of their colleagues. At least, 11 of the students are still in captivity, WikkiTimes learnt.

Khadija explained that they had just finished writing one of their end-of-term exams before the attack.

“The day the incident occurred, we wrote Biology exams and It was the only exam we had that day,” Khadija said. “After the tests, everybody went in different directions. I moved to the hostel because I needed to wash my clothes.”

Khadija would phoned her parents, informing them she would return home. This was after students discovered a threat letter purportedly sent by the terrorsists.

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“They sent a letter on a Saturday that they were coming on Thursday and they pasted the letters on our doors,” Khadija said. “We saw the letter and our head girl, Sister Ruth, was able to read it because the handwriting was poor.”

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“They said in the letter that they would come and kidnap students and even went further to indicate the names of the students,” she added. “When the information got to the vice principal’s ear, he came and told us it was a trick. He insisted the letter was written by students and threatened to punish us if we did not say the truth.”

“I ran out of our hostel heading towards our hostel gate when I saw a police officer shooting his gun,” Manura reaccled. He requested that I move back to the hostel yet I was confused. “So I needed to run out of the hostel.”

Mansura recalled the gory image that would not escape her memory. “I could see bullets all around the spots as I headed towards the exams hall, I was panicked and I assumed I wouldn’t see my parents again but I just kept praying,” she said.

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The trio recalled lovely moments they spent with one another saying they were living cheerfully before the horror.

“My friend Esther Sunday and Aliya Abubakar are still in captivity,” Mansura bemoarned. “Aliya is exceptionally quiet, calm and an intelligent young lady. Everybody can affirm that Aliya is a decent young lady and the same goes for Esther.”

She added: “Despite the fact that we don’t have a similar religion with Esther, she is an excellent young lady everyone knows that and she is likewise intelligent. I was with Esther not long before the attack, we were even cracking jokes about how difficult the exams question was.”


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