‘Suicide Bomber’ Threatens to Detonate Bomb Inside Bank in Jos

Security authorities have apprehended a suspected suicide bomber who on Monday threatened to detonate an explosive device inside a UBA Bank branch located in the Dadinkowa area of Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

The individual, equipped with explosives, entered the bank premises and demanded 100 million naira, threatening to set off the bomb if his demands were not met.

A Facebook post revealed that “The young man joined the queue at the bank and wrote a note to the teller, telling him he is strapped with a bomb, he needs 100 million or he detonates the bomb.

“The ‘teller’ calmly communicated to the bank authorities who professionally opened the exit door for customers. They told him they were making arrangement for the 100 million. The bank called security and on arrival, a warning shot was fired. The shot scared the boy and he ran outside showing security his strapped body or he detonated the bomb.

“At first, security and passersby ran away but they later summoned courage and chased after him. That was when it was discovered it was a fake bomb laden with cello tape and plastics.

“On interrogation, he told the security he’s from Edo and arrived Jos last year. He stays in staff college and a raid of his room showed machetes, plastics, cellotape and other items.”

An official of the bank told Aminiya, the Hausa version of Daily Trust, that the suspect initially posed as a customer but later revealed the presence of the bomb in his possession to a bank staff who was attending to him.

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“Prompt action was taken by bank staff, who swiftly alerted security guards to open the back door for customer evacuation to ensuring their safety.

The suspect was apprehended by security forces upon attempting to flee, and security agents were subsequently called to the scene.

Although the suspect managed to gain entry into the bank, it was later revealed that the bomb in his possession was not functional.

Despite efforts to obtain further information from the Plateau State Police spokesperson, DSP Alabo Alfred, there has been no response as of the time of reporting. The incident caused panic among residents in the vicinity, prompting them to flee for safety.

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