The Poor Nigerian

Today, at the petrol station, a man on a motorcycle, asked to be served ₦500 worth of petrol. “Babu na ɗari biyar” was the answer from the petrol attendant. Nigeria has really come a full circle.

Some few years ago, ₦3000 petrol was what used to take me to Kano, to and and fro, in my Peugeot 206.

The Peugeot 206 itself cost me ₦730 000 all the way from Cotonou and some people then insisted it was too expensive. Now, even Nigerian used Peugeot 206 costs around ₦2000 000.

The pain is that, by some tangible economic projections, the suffering awaiting Nigerians is yet to go full circle.

Everything that used to bring succour to the poor Nigerians have been made to cease by our political elites. The hunger and suffering in the land are unprecedented.

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Yet, what matters most to our political elites is how they’d amass much more ill-gotten wealth before the next election circle. Knowing fully well that taliya, few naira notes and some political soundbytes would make them retain power.

In this third person induced suffering, the Nigerian president needs a new aeroplane. The members of the Nigerian bicameral legislature each needs a new costly car and more “constituency projects” money.

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As for our political elites at the state levels, their wardrobes are still crispy and new. They obtain from our states’ coffers what the national political elites obtain from our national coffers.

The poor you and me are the ones whose sacrifices would make Nigeria great. Our national and states’ political elites are too big to make sacrifices for Nigeria. Nigeria is theirs to beckon.

Well, I don’t blame such political leaders. I won’t, I don’t and I wouldn’t.

You ask why?

You and I made the worst of us to be our leaders. By our actions or by our inactions. We picked among us, people with neither sympathy nor empathy and surrendered our rights of basic amenities to them.

Allah ya isa.

That’s the only thing the poor Nigerian can say.

~ Hashim Muhammad Suleiman, PhD

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