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‘Think of What You Can Do for Nigeria Not What Nigeria Can Do for You,’ Polytechnic Don Warns

Hassan Alhaji Hassan, a former Head of Mass Communication Department Ferdera Polytechnic Bauchi has warned Nigerians to prioritise what they offer to grow and develop the nation to what they think Nigeria should do for them. 

He said this in an interview with WikkiTimes in Bauchi. 

Hassan said it is redundant that most Nigerians don’t appreciate the little things that Nigeria did to them, instead of putting more pressure on the country and its institutions to give more than they can actually offer. 

He said the issue of national development is tied to the “mind and heart” of every Nigerian, saying, once the Nigerian population sit and have self-reflection, basic answers to national progress can best be gotten. 

He said most of the citizens of the country are preoccupied with blaming the leadership of the country, something that does not in any way solve the problems at hand. 

“The political-economic reality of Nigeria makes it very difficult for ordinary Nigerians to feel satisfied to belong to a nation that does not provide for them because those provisions were taken somewhere as a result of scarcity and other problems. 

“At the end of the day were here. The question someone will ask you is: sorry, what has Nigeria done to me? But are we conscious of the little things Nigeria has done for us? For example, the generation before me had their meal tickets free from primary up to the university and had employment waiting for them. Were that grateful? What have they done in return to the nation?” he asked. 

Hassan called on Nigerians to speak and listen to the universal language of humanity and human beings.


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