Three Months after, Zenith Bank Sits on Freelancer’s Dollars, Claims Scrutiny

For the first three months that Joselp Eka, a Akwa Ibom-based freelancer worked with Clickworker, he got his salary paid in dollars, but Zenith Bank has been frustrating his attempts to withdraw the money.

Eka told WikkiTimes the money amounted to 53.19 dollars. This is equivalent to N23,000, approximately.

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The young freelancer would later be advised by his company to open a Doma account with his bank. The account, they told him, would help him get the money easily.

“I didn’t even have a Doma account when the money popped into my phone but the 53.19 dollars came into my naira account,” Eka said.

“When I opened my Doma’s account in July, I told my company’s account officer that she can transfer subsequent funds to the account,” he added.

By September 15, the company credited Eka’s account. “After the transaction, I still didn’t get the value for the transaction and I went to the bank whereI met some officials who could not help me solve my problem,” Eka grumbled.

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For a make-believe, Eka had to present a printed document from his company to the bank. But they told him the transaction had to be scrutinised.

“I sent an email to them but they replied that they are still running a check for the past three months,” he lamented.

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According to Eka, the situation has made life difficult for him as he no longer works online to earn further.

When WikkiTimes contacted the bank, a respondent who picked up the call declined to comment on the issues.

He urged our reporter to advise the customer to visit any bank branch to assist him.

“Please, advise the customer to engage us,” the respondent pleaded, saying he can not involve a third party in the issue.


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