Twitter Vendor, Sanda, Pockets Customer’s N123,500, but ‘Refused’ to Release Login Details

A social media account vendor, Lynda Nwanebu, has narrated how one Loula Sanda from Bauchi State “defrauded” her to the tune of N123,500.

The victim told WikkiTimes she had paid for a Twitter account with over 50,000 followers, but to her surprise, the vendor failed to release the login details.

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According to Lynda, Sanda advertised the Twitter handle to her and promised to deliver the details after payment.

When she conceded to the business agreement, Lynda transferred the money to a Zenith Bank account belonging to Sanda.

However, he did not acknowledge the alert, according to Lynda.

“I have been doing business with him for a while, he normally sends me the log in details before I pay for the account,” she said. “But since I have known him for a long time, I didn’t mind sending the money that time before getting the login details.”

Loula Sanda

“My client kept disturbing me about the login details. Everything happened so fast. I kept calling him about the alert but he insisted he hadn’t seen it yet. It was when I asked him to send me evidence of his last transaction that he quickly said he had received the money,” Lynda added.

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At that point, Lynda realised she had been “scammed.” She told WikkiTimes that Sanda also claimed he was scammed by the account owner.

A screenshot of the transaction

Afterwards, she asked for a refund, but Sanda only sent N45,000. “He told me to pay my client and he will balance me later,” Lynda said. “I didn’t have money to pay back my client, I was worried.”

After several failed attempts to get back the money, Sanda “blocked” her from contacting him.

A screenshot of a chat between Lynda and Sanda

Later, Lynda took to social media to circulate the story, which provoked Sanda to contact her.

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“He said he has seen all my tweets. He started threatening that he won’t pay me back since I have tarnished his image on social media, in fact, he said I can take him to court,” she told WikkiTimes, adding the “fraudster” is still owing her N78,000.

When contacted, Sanda said he could not talk at the moment. He told WikkiTimes he was on his way to Bauchi and nodded to a text message which is yet to be responded to at press time.


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