Two Years After, Customer’s Money Still Hanging Between Zenith Bank And Bauchi POS Operator

Haruna Mohammed, a Bauchi State resident, has detailed how his N20,000 is hanging between a Point of Service (POS) operator in Azare, a Bauchi suburb and Zenith Bank in the state capital.

The transaction, according to a receipt obtained by WikkiTimes, was initiated on October 31, 2020. But all efforts to get his money back were fruitless.

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The receipt of the transaction

The victim told WikkiTimes he was debited, but the POS operator claimed the transaction was not successful. He would later advise him to visit his bank (Zenith Bank) to rectify the error.

“I went to Zenith Bank several times to lodge complaints about the matter,” he said. “When I went to the bank, they did nothing to help the situation. They told me to visit the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to rectify the problem.”

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Mohammed believes the bank has what it takes to resolve the issue, but decided to neglect him. 

“I do not see why this kind of transaction will take me to CBN when the bank has the audacity to resolve the issues,” he told WikkiTimes.

When contacted, the POS operator reiterated his words, saying the customer should channel his complaints to Zenith Bank.

“Let him go to the bank,” he told our reporter. “It is the bank that will give him his money.”

Regardless of where the money hangs, it will be refunded by the bank, according to the POS operator.

Alternatively, he said the customer should fill a failed transaction form in the bank. But Mohammed said the bank did not give him attention.

However, WikkiTimes’ enquiry to Zenith Bank has not been responded to as of press time.



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