UBA In Niger ‘Willingly’ Changes Customers’ Account Status, Debits Them Afterwards

Ibrahim Abubakar and Murtala Mohammed, both residents of Mokwa town in Niger State, say the United Bank for Africa (UBA), Mokwa Branch, “fraudulently” deducted money from their accounts without initiating any transaction.

Their savings accounts were willy-nilly upgraded to business current accounts. According to them, the bank officials “forcefully” change the account status of any customer who wants to withdraw one million naira and above.

Abubakar told WikkiTimes he was debited N14,000 and N1000 in succession on July 29, 2022.

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“I was completely shocked when the UBA message popped in with a debit alert, showing N14,000 and N1,000 separately,” said Abubakar. “But I did not initiate any transaction to be debited such an amount.”

A screenshot of debited money from Abubakar’s account

“I was told that N14,192,000 transaction which did within a month, attracts N15,000. That each million attracts a thousand naira deduction,” he added.

“They told me that they often buy diesel for N50,000 every day to power generators for any customer who wants to withdraw millions in UBA,” Abubakar told WikkiTimes.

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He added: “For any customer to withdraw more than one million naira, UBA would forcefully change their account from a savings account to a business current account.” 

A notification presented to Abubakar

Mohammed, the second victim of the “fraudulent” deduction, also told WikkiTimes he was debited N41,672 for ”account maintenance charges between June 30, 2022, and July 28, 2020,” according to the debit alert he received.

“UBA deducted N41,672 from my account,” he said. “When I went to complain to the manager, he didn’t attend to me. He told me he was busy and have other tasks to do.”

Mohammed said the branch upgrades savings accounts to business current accounts for anyone who intends to withdraw more than one million naira.

“Four days ago, I had a minor quarrel with them, when their staff told me they would have deducted their fees instantly rather than wait till month’s end,” he said.

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“Either it is transfer or withdrawal, they will deduct you if it is above a million and my 41,000 has vanished for nothing,” Mohammed lamented. ”Though, I have decided to open a new account to escape their inhumane act. When money exceeds 1 a million, I will transfer it to a new account.”

The branch manager, Tajudeen Olagunju, did not respond to several calls for comment. A text message sent to him is yet to be replied to as of press time.


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