Weeks After Losing Her Womb To Careless Doctor In Bauchi, Khadija Is Still Bedridden

Khadija Muhammed has remained bedridden since a failed Caesarean surgery conducted on her by Muhammed Sani, the Chief Medical Director of the General Hospital Misau, Bauchi State.

Sani had wanted to remove or stitch the victim’s womb after it was allegedly damaged by him in mid July after Khadija was admitted into the hospital. The doctor had advised that Khadija should undergo a caesarian surgery because she was “carrying a dead foetus.”

The surgery did not go well as the victim’s womb was affected and also the baby’s left eyes including limbs were impaired.

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She would later be taken to Federal Medical Centre (FMC) In Azare, Bauchi State, where the damaged womb was stiched. A month after, WikkiTimes checked on her, but unfortunately, Khadija is still struggling with life, her husband, Malam Ismael Ahmed said, adding she cannot walk since the unfateful incident.

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Later, she was discharged from FMC, Azare after a part payment raised through donations by some individuals and the Bauchi State Hospital Management Board. According to Ahmed, there is still over N300,000 outstanding to be clared. Apart from that, Khadija is expected to undergo another surgery pending when she regains her strength.

Justice for Khadija

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Worried by continued silence over the case, a prominent politician in Bauchi, Farouk Mustapha vowed to take legal action in the interest of the family.

Mustapha was recently defeated by Sadique Abubakar in the All Progressives Congress (APC) primary gubernatorial election. He later defected to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The politician, however, stated in a Facebook post that the victim and her family must be given appropriate support by concerned persons at all levels.

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“I’m deeply moved by the incident that led Baby-Aliyu and his mother Khadija to be disadvantaged days earlier,” Mustapha said. “My thoughts are with you as you fight this battle. “I share your pain Ismail, being a father and a husband!”

Mustapha added: “We’ll fight this together, in the spirit of brotherhood and oneness. I challenge stakeholders at all levels to remain firm and committed to strengthening our health care system for effective management. We should hold ourselves accountable in any way possible for the betterment of our great society.”

“An injury to Ismail’s family is an injury to us all… Allah ya basu lafiya (May God heal them),” he prayed in Hausa.”

NOTE: The image used was not the victim’s own


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