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Why Media Is The Bane Of Northern Nigeria

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By Abdullahi Abdulrazak

We are in the 21st century, but unfortunately, Northerners failed to understand the important roles the media is playing in every sphere of our lives.

When you check the top ten list of media houses (including online) that are doing relatively well in the dissemination of information that is of human interest, you can hardly find one from Northern Nigeria.

We have a population that I believe if our wealthy people could invest in the media, they will make a great fortune out of it.

I must commend Atiku Abubakar, he has invested so much in the media. And it’s one of the businesses that continue to fetch him more relevance in Adamawa state. Even if you think GOATEL is only promoting his political spectrum, at least, he has reduced the burden of unemployment in Adamawa state.

What is baffling me more is the unprofessional program of Arewa24. Its emergence in 2014 gave us the hope that we will now have a standard station where our voices will be heard.

But unfortunately, Arewa24 is now more of a Hausa series station, a celebrities station and a promoter of cultural imperialism.

The common man in the North only relied on BBC Hausa, Voice Of America, Dochevele Hausa radio, etc, to know about what is happening in Nigeria and his region which is plagued by insecurity.

It’s quite unfortunate. Our elites need to do something.

Abdulrazak, Writes from Kanam, Plateau State.



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