Why NBC Bans Broadcast Stations From Airing Gwanja’s ‘Warr’ Show

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has banned broadcast stations from airing the song recently performed by the famous Hausa singer Ado Isa Gwanja titled ‘Warr’ over immorality exhibited in the show.

In a statement released by NBC, the song ‘Warr’, apart from expressing immorality, the language used was inappropriate which no good society can accommodate.

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The agency maintained that in Gwanja’s song, there is direct vitriol and it exhibited how some actors are drunk after drinking alcoholic substances, adding that the clip, which has now gone viral on social media and YouTube, also teaches how to drink alcohol.

BBC Hausa reported that the agency in addition explained that the show violates sections 3.18.2 and 3.9 of the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation.

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It expressed concern over the song’s airing on some television stations in Northern Nigeria, which made it think that the sources did not listen to the clip properly before releasing it to the world.

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The songs ‘Warr’ and ‘Chass’ released recently by Ado Gwanjo are among the songs that have attracted a lot of attention among the youth in Northern Nigeria, especially the way they imitate their verses on their TikTok pages.



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