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‘Why We Return Missing N250,000’ — Two Plateau Students Explain

Na’ima Usaini Yusuf and Righteous Samuel Genesis, two young students of Government Secondary School (GSS), Bukuru, Jos South LGA of Plateau State, returned missing N250,000 to their teacher.

WithinNigeria reports that Na’ima Usaini Yusuf and her classmate, Righteous Samuel Genesis, after finding the money, felt that the best thing to do was to return the money to their teacher.

“It is morally wrong to hide money that is not ours,” the students said.

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Speaking to Daily Trust, Na’ima said, “When we found the money, it didn’t occur to me that we should spend it because it wasn’t ours. I told my friend that we should look for the owner through the school.

“My friend quickly responded that it is forbidden to share the money because it wasn’t from our sweat. That was why we returned the money to one of our teachers.”

“I felt we should not spend the money because my parents always taught me that whenever I find something on the ground I should look for people around and give it to them to look for the owner. I know that it is not good to spend what doesn’t belong to me. I also believe that whatever is not mine and will never be mine.” Righteous added.

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Further narrating how the money was returned, the teacher, Ezekiel Yarima said, “I was surprised to see them returning a huge amount of money and asking me to look for the owner. When they brought the money, I was so happy. I started asking who lost money since it was found within the school premises.

Fortunately, the owner of the money was a teacher. He explained to me beyond reasonable doubt and I became convinced that the money was his. I asked him to come with me to my office where I handed the money back to him.” she added.


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