WikkiData: Only Three out of  Every Ten Northern Nigeria Electricity Consumers Are Metered

A WikkiTimes review of the electricity data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has shown that only 3 of every 10 electricity consumers are metered on average.

This analysis is after a review of the Northern Nigeria distribution companies (Abuja Electricity Distribution Company), Jos Electricity Distribution Company, Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company, Kano Electricity Distribution Company and Yola Electricity Distribution Company).

Further review also shows that Abuja electricity distribution company has the highest percentage of metered customers at 61%, followed by Jos electricity distribution company at 33%.

DiscoTotal (in Thousands)Metered (in Thousands)Percentage of Metered
Abuja (AEDC)1,4248650.61
JOS (JEDC)7342440.33
KADUNA (KDEDC)8382030.24
KANO (KEDC)6822090.31
YOLA (YEDC)8151260.16
Average (Metered)0.33

The Yola electricity distribution company has the lowest percentage of metered customers with 16%.

There have been concerns in the country over estimated billing. The PUNCH recently reported that power distribution companies overbilled about 7.1 million unmetered electricity consumers between January and September 2023.

Nigerians have also been quoted as lamenting estimated billing, noting that they are paying for electricity not consumed.

Recently the Kwara state government lamented poor electricity in the state, pleading with the Ibadan electricity distribution company to ensure supply of electricity to the state.

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In February this year, the  Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission stated that it fined 11 distribution companies to the tune of N10.5 billion.

Reports have blamed the inability of Nigerians to get electricity metres on the cost of getting such. In September 2023, the Nigerian government announced an increase in the cost of electricity metres from N58000 to N81000.

The commission was quoted as saying A single-phase meter will now cost N81,975.16k, instead of the previous price of N58,661.69k.

Similarly, the price of a three-phase metre was increased to N143,836.10k from N109,684.36k.” per media reports.

While the country has continued to promise metering Nigerians, data shows that it has been unable to achieve this, going by the number of persons who have metres.

The current administration has also promised to remove estimated billing while giving hope to more Nigerians with access to metres.

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