You Can Now Upload Voice Notes on WhatsApp Status

WhatsApping has been improved as the company improved the app for users to allow them to upload voice notes on status updates.

According to TechCrunch, WhatsApp announced voice status on Tuesday, a feature which enables users to record and share voice messages of up to 30 seconds as status updates.

Users will get the option to record voice notes by tapping the microphone icon on the status screen, the platform reports, adding the feature provides a more personal touch to status updates and works as a convenient option for those who prefer not to type or use graphics.

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Last month, WhatsApp tested its voice status feature with its Android and iOS beta testers. According to WhatsApp, an average of seven billion voice messages are sent on the app daily.

“We’re introducing the ability to record and share voice messages for up to 30 seconds on WhatsApp status. Voice status can be used for sending more personal updates, especially if you feel more comfortable expressing yourself by talking rather than typing,” WhatsApp stated in a blog post.

In addition to this feature, WhatsApp also introduced a ‘private audience selector’ that allows users easily pick a privacy option per status to choose who can view their status updates.

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“Every status you share may not always be right for all of your contacts. We’re providing you with the flexibility to update your privacy settings per status so you can choose who views your status each time you update it. Your most recent audience selection will be saved and used as the default for your next status,” it added.

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Other newly introduced features include: Status Profile Rings for New Updates, Link Previews on Status and Status Reactions


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