Zamfara Man Got 8 Children From Granddaughter. 20 Years After, Their Marriage Was Declared Illegal And He Won’t Let Her Go

Alhaji Musa Tsafe had eight children with his granddaughter, Wasila Isah Tsafe, whom he got married to 20 years ago. Their marriage, however, was declared illegal by Islamic scholars who advised him to let go of Wasila, but he would not take heed.

The 47-year-old man refused to concede to the annulment of the marriage despite submissions from different scholars. 

Daily Trust reported that the Tsafe Emirate Council in Zamfara State alerted the couples of the illegality of their, marriage based on Islamic injunction.

Similarly, community leaders and Islamic scholars summoned the couples to investigate the matter. Following that, the marriage was said to be illegal.

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The Islamic scholars strongly warned the man to divorce his 35-year-old granddaughter, but he was adamant. 

WikkiTimes further learnt that Tsafe reported the matter to Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, a Bauchi-based Muslim cleric. However, it was learnt that Sheikh Bauchi reaffirmed the position of the Tsafe scholars, but he insisted on remaining with his wife.

Moreover, the scholars affirmed the legitimacy of the couple’s children, but argued that the marriage had no legitimacy any longer since the problem was brought to their knowledge.

In reaction to Musa’s insistence, the Tsafe Local Government Hisbah Committee took over the case brought before an Upper Area Court and later, Higher Sharia Court. The court had recessed the case until July 21. 


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