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WikkiTimes, founded in 2018, stands as a prominent niche online news platform dedicated to fostering transparency and accountability in Nigeria, with a primary focus on the Northern region.

WikkiTimes covers communities in northern Nigeria where literacy level is the lowest in the federation, a region described as a news desert.

At WikkiTimes, we offer accountability journalism through digital platforms, social media and local radio stations that are in partnership with us. The platform has evolved into a leading source for insightful journalism, covering diverse topics such as social justice, politics, Press Freedom, climate change, and more.

With a mission rooted in journalistic integrity and public service, WikkiTimes provides a voice to the unheard and underserved public and addresses critical issues like public accountability, political inclusivity, malfeasance, cultural and gender stigmatisation, as well as social discrimination against women. The platform employs a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to investigative reporting to engender informed civic engagement. As a platform dedicated to covering news desert areas of northern Nigeria, WikkiTimes plays a crucial role in bridging information gaps and shaping public discourse.

The outlet extends beyond traditional reporting, it reaches audiences through broader digital platforms to connect with a broad and diverse audience. The outlet engages its diverse audiences through various channels, including its website, social media, and multimedia channels; also through podcasts like "Unheard Voice" and the "Accountability Dashboard," etcetera. These programs are also cross-published with other outlets, including local radio stations.


  • To elevate the standards of investigative journalism by delivering in-depth, unbiased, and impactful reports that uncover the depths of truth essentially within the northern sphere of Nigeria; committed to pursuing stories that matter, holding the powerful accountable, and revealing the untold narratives. Through our relentless dedication to rigorous research and ethical reporting, we aim to inform, provoke thought, and drive meaningful societal transformations.


  • To establish itself as a trailblazing platform across the North for investigative journalism, unearthing hidden truths, exposing corruption, and shedding light on complex issues. Through rigorous research, in-depth analysis, and fearless reporting, we aspire to be the driving force behind positive change, accountability, and transparency in society
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