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Beware Of Impostors And Swindlers Who Associate Themselves With PRP!

The attention of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has been drawn to the weird drama of a six – man egoistic comedians who double as swindlers. We realized that greed and self-aggrandizement are a dangerous fire which have no respect for either intellect or knowledge.

Though very contagious like Coronavirus, greed is an incurable disease which is worse than Coronavirus; Coronavirus attacks the body but greed attacks the soul. Lau Tzu said, “there is no calamity greater than lavish desires.

There is no greater guilt than discontent. And there is no greater disaster than greed.” As further explained by Lynette Hill in Halfnote’s Song, “too much ambition can be the death of a man. … Or of many, if he can persuade them to follow”.

On Saturday, 26th of September, 2020, a micro group of illegitimate actors led by one Sule Bello who claims membership of the Peoples Redemption Party enacted a comic drama which was indeed laughable claiming that a vote of no confidence was passed on the Indefatigable National Chairman of the PRP and his NEC members as an envious reaction to general acceptability, mass support and unequal love shown to them by members of the PRP across the nation.

On Saturday, 26th of September, 2020, at Hotel Seventeen, Kaduna, people from different walks of life including prominent media houses witnessed the solidarity expressed by thirty three out of thirty-six state chairmen who passed a vote of confidence on the Falalu Bello – led National Executive Committee recognizing their selfless service in conformity with our party vision to liberate Nigerians from whims and caprices of corruption and oppression.

Men and women of honour and integrity undeniably appreciated the lengths and breadths of our NEC activities since the time it was given mandate to steer the affairs of our great party.

As we always say, no achievement can be achieved without respect for public opinions, due consultation of selfless members of the PRP, zero tolerance for corrupt practices and polarization of party for self interest and mer​can​til​is​tic ambition.

It is indisputable that lack of party ideologies, ego, indiscipline and partiality has made many parties repeat political flaws of their predecessors. We do not know where the Creator is taking our party to but this we know, the name of our party can never be allowed to be used by any impostor or swindler to defraud the public.

PRP vision is bigger than any individual interest and self ambition of any person. The poison that has destroyed so many parties in the political history of Nigeria will never be permitted or entertained in our party.

On this note, the National Executive Committee (NEC), National Working Committee (NWC) and Board of Trustees (BOT) of our great party will give no chance for barbarity, pernicious egocentrism and morbid display of megalomania.

Our ideology has been refined in the furnace of discipline. Thus, it is a taboo to our political stance to permit any act that violates principles of equity, equality and humanity.

The PRP belongs to decent and patriotic Nigerians, not a six man group of saboteurs and fraudsters. Our belief and practice shall be WHAT IS SAUCE FOR GOOSE IS SAUCE FOR GANDER. This with strong party discipline and vision shall take us to lofty heights sooner than later.

The six man conspirators had baselessly accused our national leadership for lack of good faith for the party. Well, pessimists will always see from dark perspectives even when the sky is bright. We will like the accusers to know that people of great integrity, sight and insight across the nooks and crannies of the nation know and acknowledge the efforts and activities of our national leaders.

Their pointless display of manifestation of humbug and folly can never discourage our national leaders. We will rather think of and work on how to, with other patriots, accomplish the PRP’s goals and keep the hope of the multitude alive.

Their drama really entertained us and we believe it truly amused millions of Nigerians who read their dramatic scripts.

We enthusiastically advise the power-seeking fraudsters to earnestly redirect their energy to something meaningful. Though they really displayed political folly, it is never too late to adjust. Though they keep on wearing a mask of deceit and mischief, it is never too late to think right.

Though they seek leadership of the PRP by all means for their personal interest, it is never too late to understand the importance of patriotism, integrity, love and service to humanity.

While security agents are pursuing these lawless riff-raffs, we will also like to tell all Nigerians, especially, the bonafide members of the PRP to desist from listening to these wind chasers. Their ambition is control; the goal is self aggrandizement.

We can proudly say that all executive members of the PRP have their jobs. Kindly abstain from interacting with this rabble of idlers; their disease is contagiously incurable. Once you are infected, you start thinking in their evil ways.

They are empty souls; they are weird apostles of division, doom and destruction. They are merchants of dupery and fakery sponsored by the movers and shakers of bad governance in order to cause instability in the PRP. Their mission is woefully dead on arrival!

Last but not least, we will like all Nigerians and the PRP comrades to know that our activities and agenda remain valid. Their fraudulent posture should be seen as nothing but as display of desperation on their part and a sign of our collective victory. Be rest assured that our victory is sure.

Thank you all PRP members!
Thank you all Nigerians!

Comrade Muhammed Ishaq,
Patriotic PRP member,
From Bauchi State.


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