From Farm to Detention — 8 Years After, Yeri’s Family Yearns to See Him Again

Yeri Kambari, a 40-year-old Borno farmer was on his farmlands when members of the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) whisked him away in 2014. He would later be taken into detention by military operatives.

The farmer had not joined the terror group, Boko Haram. There’s nothing indicating he had harmed anyone. He had simply gone to the farm and never returned to his family.

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Ya Kodo Alli, his elder sister, said she remembers the events as if they happened more recently. They are from Kamabri of the Kunduga area in Borno State.

She recalled when the terrorists occupy various places in the area imposing their stiff laws, levying taxes, and making living hard for the locals.

Ya Kado recalled when Yeri decided to visit Kayyamari village where his boss Nura offered him land to farm. The area has the presence of Boko Haram. When he returned home a year later, members of the civilian JTF, came looking for him and later took him away.

Ya Kado, the sister, heard that the military might have taken him to the Giwa barracks, a notorious facility centre in Borno.

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Yeri and his boss Nura were alleged by one old man that they pointed the direction of his house in the area for Boko Haram members to abduct two of his sons.

Yeri’s disappearance has negative effects on his family; his wife has taken his children back home and the family became broken.

“I want the government to release him,” Ya Kodo pleaded. She explained that whenever there are releases from correctional centres, they check if Yeri was among them, “but the outcome was always negative. Injustice has been done there,” she concluded.


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