Shettima, Maqari Victims Of Social Media Mockery

By Adamu Muhammad Hamid PhD

Let me begin by declaring in black and white that I do not personally have any connections with Senator Kashim Shettima. I only knew him as lecturer at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Maiduguri, back then in the 90s. I was a student then at a different Faculty, but we used to visit him with my friend at his office. Since then we discovered he exuded a personality full of promise. I lost contact with him since the 90s, but followed his writings and later on steps until now. He’s not aware of that.

In recent times, Nigerians have imbibed the mocking of people on social media platforms, especially when the mocked appear to be in opposing views with them on any national issue.

The trending video clips and pictures of the APC vice presidential candidate Kashim Shettima caricatured in an English attire when he represented his principal and running mate Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the just concluded NBA conference is nothing but the typical misuse of social media characteristic of Nigerians.

It is not about the party he represents but about morality and the well being of the polity.

This type of treatment for politicians is probably part of the major reasons why men of letters and integrity detest joining politics as such would strip them of their hard earned statuses in society.

The attitudes of Nigerians on the use of social media platforms has become worrisome, and if not checked could smear the respectful standing leaders.

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It is difficult to understand why people so dissipate a lot of effort mocking such personalities by their appearance instead of referring the public to the contenst of their speech or the institutions they represent  

At the event in reference in the doctored video, Shettima had shaken the table well when he pointed out that their ticket will replicate what he and Tinubu are doing in Lagos and Borno states to all over Nigeria. 

These should be the issues to discuss.

The audience present at that conference did not argue, perhaps because it was elequently presented and supported with facts and real statistics. But in Nigeria, people revel in doped primitive ethno-religious mediocrity with no reason.

Instead of faulting the figures or evidence presented in the speech, tricksters went ahead mocking and black painting the guy with his mode of dressing at the event. This has shown a gross disrespect for the social media channels by some Nigerians, and this calls for government’s need to ensure the channel’s smooth regulation.

Whether this mockery is political, social or something else, our youth should have more important issues to pay attention to, rather than misdemeanours.

As if that of Shettima is not enough, Prof. Maqari’s comments on the issue of ASUU also attracted a plethora of negative responses and all forms of abuses from social media users across Nigeria.

In the video, the Imam has faulted ASUU members of prolonging the strike they embarked on for the past six months without showing concern to the plight of Nigerian students. The Sheikh further stressed that both government and ASUU have their own share of the blame, and that ASUU members also do not always fulfil their obligations in terms of teaching and research works.

Citing his own field as an example, the Sheikh emphasized on how corruption and plagiarism invaded the academia, thereby destroying the already established prowess of the teaching profession. This has however sounded harsh and bitter for some people, resulting to an assortment of negative reactions and abuses.

From politicians, it has now turned to clerics who the society regards as role models for the upcoming generations. This attitude of abuse, and outright condemnations for all without regard to person’s position or integrity in the society must be addressed to protect the serene ambiance of our wayward society.

Adamu Muhammad Hamid can be contacted via [email protected]

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect WikkiTimes’ editorial stance.


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