Tragedy of Being a Female in Afghanistan

Habiba (not her real name), a 19-year-old girl was the first to attend a university in her family before the Afghan Taliban-led government halted her study and denied her to work with aid organizations.

Last week, the Taliban government banned women from studying in universities and working in humanitarian organizations across the country, allowing only the Ministry of Health to engage women in health care.

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She said women’s right in Afghanistan is in comatose, and even animals enjoy better freedom than Afghan females.

“Animals can go anywhere, but women don’t have the freedom to do that, even to go out of their homes. We are considered inferior to animals.

“I feel that God did not create women. If we are going to be so unlucky, it is better to say that we were not created,” she said.

However, the United Nations condemned the Taliban’s policies against females in Afghanistan, demanding that females be given equal rights to education with males and to participate in all matters related to the country.

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Taliban was back to power in Kabul last year with stiffer policies after the U.S. government withdrew their troops in a war that lasted for two decades.

U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001 following the attack on the World Trade Center in New York allegedly plotted by Osama Bin Laden.


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