After Accusing Kannywood of Promoting Prostitution, Homosexuality, Actor Suffers Criticism

Popular actor and singer, Abdallah Amdaz has been criticised for alleging that Kannywood industry promotes prostitution, homosexuality among other immoralities.

The actor spoke when he honoured an invitation by Kano State Hisbah command last week alongside other personalities in the industry. 

The Kano State Hisbah Corps is a religious police force in Kano State, responsible for the enforcement of Sharia to only Muslims in Kano and other parts of northern Nigeria.

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The Hisbah commandant, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa who spoke to newsmen after the briefing with Kannywood actors confirmed that the meeting was convened to deliberate how the Hisbah will mediate some activities in the Hausa movie industry.

He also said the intervention of the Hisbah will help promote proper behaviour in the industry.

“Some of the actors misbehave in the name of acting which is against our culture and religion. We need to protect our image. We were not aware of the atrocities until Amdaz revealed that yesterday,” Daurawa said. 

Daurawa also added that Amdaz’s revelation has served as a trigger for the command to take swift actions in their intervention. 

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During the meeting, Amdaz who admitted to some misdemeanors happening in Kannywood, alleged that the industry has for long served as a medium for prostitution, homosexuality and other immoral conduct.

He further welcomed the Hisbah intervention, adding that most of the prominent artists in Kannywood are the masterminds behind these atrocities.

“Even I, as an actor, do not permit certain movies into my home for my children because I know they promote immoralities. If that is the case, why should we allow such to continue?

“I am happy that Hisbah has decided to intervene. Some of the prominent actors you see on screen are the perpetrators of such acts. They are powerful people that have the support of some of our big politicians, therefore, it is not going to be an easy task to correct these vices.

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“I know some actors will not be happy with what I am saying, infact, I am sure some of them will clap back at me for saying the truth but I have said it because it is the duty of every Muslim to speak the truth,” Amdaz said.


Following the meeting, the actor had since come under heavy condemnation for his revelations just as he had anticipated. 

Veteran actor, Musbahu Ahmad who spoke in a Facebook video, said Amdaz had made claims that needed to be verified but people have since corroborated his allegations.

Musbahu also called out on Hisbah to withdraw its intervention as it has no business mediating activities in Kannywood. 

“We need to sit down first and verify these claims even though Amdaz did not mention any names. I am calling on our islamic clerics with all due respect, to wash their hands off our business, 

“We don’t interfere in theirs and they have no business interfering with ours. We will look into our problems and solve them on our own,” he said. 

Similarly, Umar UK, owner of UK movie entertainment, condemned the intervention, saying Hisbah has no right to invite Kannywood to any meeting. 

“Any reasonable person from Kannywood would not attend any meeting with Hisbah. We operate legally and we pay our taxes. Therefore, they have no right to interfere like that,” he said.

He further advised Hisbah to assume a proper channel of inviting Kannywood actors, saying that it should be done through association not individual invitations.

Also, movie director Alhaji Sheshe also threatened to sue Amdaz to court if he fails to come out and mention names of those perpetrators as he claimed. 

“I am a respected figure in the industry and I cannot just sit back and watch somebody tarnish my image. He has 48 hours to respond, else I will sue him to court,” he said.


However, popular TikTok influencer, Murja Ibrahim Kunya backed Amdaz, saying he had spoken to truth, adding that he had done the right thing by upholding the fear of God above all else. 

Similarly, Naziru Sarkin Waka, another popular artist and singer, corroborated claims by Amdaz, saying women especially, face sexual harassment before they are enrolled into the industry. 

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“It is not a new thing, therefore denying it is a big joke. Most of these Kannywood actors lack the fear of God,” he said in a Facebook video

Speaking to Freedom Radio Nigeria, Amdaz had reacted to the backlash. According to him, it is a huge relief to have gotten the truth off his chest and he does not regret it. 

“I don’t care if Kannywood decides to ban me or not. Because I don’t regret speaking the truth about the industry,”

“I only depend on Allah. I am not scared of losing any contract with the industry. 

Asked why he wouldn’t apologize to those condemning him, he said, “I didn’t mention any names, if anybody feels attacked then they are guilty and they should correct their wrongs.”


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