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Bauchi Info Commissioner Reproves Ortom, Says ‘Bala Defends Rights of All Nigerians’

Bauchi State Commissioner of information Alhaji Garba Dahiru has lambasted Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue  State over his comments which described Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed as a terrorist.

Hon Garba Dahiru, on Wednesday, said Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed remains a peace-loving person through the years he has been in corridors of public service at both Federal and state levels.

“All those years he served Nigeria diligently without fear or favour and doing justice to all manner of people.

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He said that Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed firmly believes in the unity of Nigeria and is “ready to stand and protect the inalienable rights of all Nigerians from the north to the south irrespective of tribe or religion.”

Hon Garba Dahiru explained that Governor Bala Abdulkadir never belonged to nor supported any extreme group linked to a tribal unit let alone associating with whatsoever kind of thread from any Organisation.

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“For a gentleman of these honour and pedigree to be described as a terrorist is unbecoming and unfortunate,” he said.

He said that Bauchi State Government outrightly rejected and excommunicated any claim ascribing terrorism or violence to Governor Bala Abdulkadir.

“Governor Bala’s position that no one should be discriminated against on the basis of ethnicity or religion is borne out of a genuine and political desire to minimise tension and promote national unity and stability.

“This is consistent with the inalienable right of any Nigerian to pursue his or her legitimate business in any part of Nigeria without fear of molestation or threat to existence.

Bauchi Info Commissioner Reproves Ortom, Says 'Bala Defends Rights of All Nigerians' 1


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